BITTERSWEETS BAKERY featuring STUNNING WEDDING CAKES, Gourmet Cupcakes made from Scratch Everyday!

A Boutique Bakery Featuring Stunning Wedding Cakes, Gourmet Cupcakes made from Scratch Everyday and Amazing Specialty Cakes — where everything is baked fresh from scratch, especially for you!

Our Famous Chocolate Chippers Hot out of the Oven

Our Famous Chocolate Chippers Hot out of the Oven

Gluten-Free Biscochitos

Gluten-Free Biscochitos

 Sugar Cookies

 Sugar Cookies


Cookies, Cakes, Candy & Deliciousness

BitterSweets delight in creating a variety of indulgent desserts, from eclairs to truffles. All pastries are made fresh and to order.  We love to create dessert tables that match your event's theme and design.

We also offer gluten-free baked goods, including cookies and brownies! Other special choices are vegan and gluten-free vanilla cakes and sugar free vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.

Smaller quantities of cookies and candies are available in the bakery daily for purchase. However, we bake from scratch, and on the larger items listed, we need 48 hours to prepare your treats. We want you to enjoy it fresh on the day it was baked, so give us a little advance time and we will make it right! 

Our Cookies & Brownies - Made From Scratch:

All of our cookies are available for special order with a (1) dozen minimum.

Many of our Cookies are available in Gluten-free varieties (GF).

Sugar Cookies - Our Sugar Cookies are the most amazing sugar cookie ever!

Because they are so tender and delicious, we tend to make them in larger shapes and we finish them with Traditional Cookie Icing (not crunchy royal icing). We keep the decorations simple and elegant so that the cookie is fresh and yummy and we haven't had to "Sugar Coat" it with a lot of food coloring and days lost drying the icing.  They are available for special order, however, please remember the decoration should remain simple to allow the cookie to be delicious.

Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies (also GF) - Only the best chocolate can make the richest brownie and we use a block of it for these brownies. Cheesecake-filled and finished with Ganache. We cut them big since they don't last long at home!

Huge Chocolate Chippers (also GF) - It's our famous recipe and you will fall in love.

New Mexican Biscochitos (also GF) - We toast our Anise seeds and then grind them fresh as we make our cookie dough. Light, delicious and baked from scratch. They are just delicious in our Gluten-Free formula.

Cookie & Cream Krispie Treats - Just crazy good...Oreos, our homemade marshmallow and crunchy Rice Krispies! 

Molly Bonz - We love Molly! Made from healthy all-natural ingredients, Molly Bonz are a dog's favorite treat.

Candies, Caramels and Sweetness

Hand-Dipped Strawberries - We make the most beautiful dipped berries, special order them for the one you love! We can make them match a theme or design for your special occasion. They are not just for Valentines Day any more....

Fresh Marshmallows - We make them fresh, from scratch and it's nothing like a marshmallow from the grocery store. We use honey for a warm and wonderful flavor, it will change your every thought about the S'more.

Peanut Brittle Popcorn - Salted peanuts, crunchy brittle - all made from scratch and ready for your Super Bowl party. 

Cheesecakes, Cakes and Tortes


We can make and bake any flavor combination of Cheesecake you might desire. From the classical New York style to a Dark Chocolate with a rich dark chocolate cookie crust...we can create it. We request a little more advance order time for cheesecakes since they take a very long, low, slow time to bake. We adore them and want to give them the time they need. 

Here are a few that we have made at our customers' requests:

  • Classical New York Style with a Pate Sucre' crust
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup with a Nutter Butter  crust
  • Dark Chocolate with a Ganache and Caramel Swirl
  • Fresh Strawberries and Cream
  • French Vanilla with Cherries on top

We can make any cheesecake, cake or classical torte to order, in a 6", 8" or 10" size.

Cakes & Classical Tortes:

Here are a few we have created for customers:

  • Boston Creme - made with fresh pastry cream and ganache.
  • German Chocolate - classical German Chocolate filling and icing, coconut, pecans and brown sugar.
  • Tiramisu - we make our own Mascarpone cheese, lady fingers and add Marsala and Espresso.
  • Tres Leches - rich and creamy, finished in whipped cream and seasonal fruit. It is a beautiful non-traditional wedding cake favorite
  • Carrot Cake - fresh pineapple and carrots make for an ultra-moist scratch carrot cake.



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